Thanks to 245 backers, we made our Kickstarter goal today! I am so happy and humbled. This has been a long and emotional journey and I’m overwhelmed with the support and Kickstarter love!  So, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Below the picture of me giving all the contributors aME THANK YOU “thumbs up,” you will see a Facebook message that I received from a student a few minutes before the campaign ended. If you haven’t seen it it yet,  please take a look below.  It’s one of reasons why I am making this movie.


What an amazing feeling to see this!

Thanks again for your support! Backers will be hearing from me in the days and weeks to come about your rewards and some other things related to the documentary, so we will soon be in touch again!

Now comes the next step, which is finishing the film!

Yours in Docs,

Melody Gilbert

Director, The Summer Help

(and 6 other feature films here: www.frozenfeetfilm.com)


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