It’s Labor Day Weekend. Do you know who is doing your dirty work?

This is Nikoleta from Bulgaria.

NIKOLETA MAIDAs you head out for your Labor Day weekend holiday, think about the people who are doing the work at the summer resorts all around the U.S. The folks making your meals or cleaning your hotel room might be college students from Bulgaria, Moldova, Albania, Georgia and even Ukraine.  Why are they here? They are trying to make money to pay their tuition and help their struggling families back home. Sometimes they work 2, 3 or even 4 jobs. That’s what The Summer Help documentary is about– the challenges faced by these students as they take their first plane ride and then adjust to life in America as summer workers. At their university in Bulgaria they are future politicians, bankers and journalists. But in America, they are just “the help.” READ the story about why I am making this film and WATCH the trailer and DONATE HERE: .

Only 4 days to go!  Will we make our goal? If we don’t, we don’t get to keep the funds, so please help us get to the finish line!  We are at 14K as of today…still have a long way to go. Please consider a donation of any size! Every little bit helps. Also, share on social media and/or tell your friends about this film. 

Read this tweet from Yordan Zhechev about why you should contribute:

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 10.31.18 PM

And this one from Jen Larson Roesler:


This video explains why I am making this documentary and why now.  The link to donate (and to see the rewards for donating) is here: .

Thanks of your support! Yours in Docs, Melody


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