What was the reaction to the first U.S. “sneak preview” screening?

We got our first real feedback from a public audience in the U.S.!   Film lovers, residents of Provincetown and students came together to watch the sneak preview test screening of “The Summer Help” at the Water’s Edge Cinema sponsored by the Provincetown Film Society.   After the screening, the audience was very curious to learn more about WAT (Work & Travel) as well as the living conditions and wages of the students who come to America to make money to pay their college tuition and help support their families.   The discussion went on for over 30 minutes!  I really loved sharing the experience with some students from AUBG who are working there now and took precious time off from their jobs to attend the screening.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 8.58.45 AM

Students from the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) working summer jobs in Provicetown attended the screening

TSH Poster

Almost everyone agreed that the scenes back in Bulgaria were very powerful and helped them understand more about the people who clean their hotel rooms and make pizzas in America’s summer resort towns.  By all accounts, the screening was a success and I think we are on our way to having a movie :).   Next steps:  another U.S. test screening in Chicago and a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to finish the film (post-production editing, festivals, and distribution costs).  Stay tuned!

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Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 10.02.43 AM

Me, a little nervous before the test screening but anxious to hear what the audience had to say.

~Melody (Director/Producer/Cinematographer of “The Summer Help”) http://www.frozenfeetfilm.com


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  1. risabuzatova

    I would love to see this movie. Ironically just today I was talking to a pool lifeguard from Serbia who is here in DC on the same work and travel program. The Association of the Bulgarian Schools Abroad has schools throughout the English-speaking world, especially in the U.S. Perhaps you could promote the film through its members?

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