P-town + Minneapolis + Bulgaria

Exciting news!  We have been asked to have a week-long run of The Summer Help in Provincetown, Mass., better known as “P-Town.”   Several scenes from the film were shot there, so I am excited to bring the film to the place where many of the students featured in the film are working their summer jobs.  More details coming soon! Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 4.48.51 PM


In other news…. we recently had a wonderful screening at Casket Cinema (in the Casket Arts Building in NE Minneapolis). Former AUBG student and summer help worker Alena Kessem (Usecheva) came to the screening and joined in the discussion, which lasted for almost an hour.  We had a great night talking about “work & travel,” transitions, and the challenges  Eastern European student face when they come to U.S. to cook and clean for Americans on vacation.  It seems like everyone wanted to talk about immigration, visas, human rights and the impact that the current U.S. administration is having on these important issues.

Also, I went to Bulgaria recently to tutor and train emerging filmmakers from the Balkans. I spent a week with many lovely people at the Balkan Documentary Center Discoveries workshop.  I gave some talks about crowdfunding (using The Summer Help as an example of how we raised $25,000 to complete the movie), and I also gave a lecture about never giving up, and much, much more. The projects presented were a fascinating mix of personal stories, unusual wedding rituals, and secret religions from Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Romania, Croatia and Hungary. I am really looking forward to seeing the progress these films make throughout the year-long training!  We didn’t show The Summer Help while we were there this time, but we are currently in discussions with a couple of TV networks in the Balkans so hopefully it will be on a TV screen near you soon!



Filmmaker/Tutor Melody Gilbert (lower left) with emerging filmmakers from the Balkans

As always, I am grateful for your interest in The Summer Help!  If you are interested in hosting a screening (or know someone), please contact me directly at melodygilbert01@gmail.com .

Yours in Docs,

Melody Gilbert  (Trailers and info about all her films here:  www.frozenfeetfilm.com or melodygilbertvideo.com)

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