Thank you, Bulgaria!

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-6-38-56-pmSo that was fun!  After many TV and radio appearances and 3 great screenings in Bulgaria, we are back in the U.S. and grateful for experience and the audience reception of The Summer Help.    During the post-screening discussions, we learned that Bulgarian audiences really appreciate our honest and realistic portrayal of the experience of summer “work & travel.”  The media was really interested in the documentary, too.  Click here to see interview on BTV with director Melody Gilbert and co-producer Martichka Bozhilova from Agitprop.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 1.27.57 PM.png

Here is another interview on Bulgarian National Television (click here) and an article in Capital . One of our favorite media experiences was this in-depth interview on Bulgarian National Radio (click here to listen) by a very good interviewer! screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-1-22-58-pm


We were so happy that one of the main characters from the film, Nikoleta, could attend the first screening in Sofia at the  SoIndependent Film Festival  along with with friends from American University in Bulgaria.  Also grateful that Hristiana Kirova, a former student of Melody’s who became the assistant editor on the film, could be with us for the Q & A.   It was a wonderful Bulgarian premiere!

By far the most emotional experience was when Melody showed the film to students and faculty at AUBG back where the whole project started five years ago when she was a professor there and first heard about “WAT” during her first day of classes.   Five years later, the movie is finally done!  Thanks to everyone at AUBG who opened their hearts and homes during the making of the The Summer Help. 


Elena’s Mom and Sister

One highlight: the mother and sister of the other main character in the film, Elena, came to the AUBG screening from the  village of Kresna.  It was their first time seeing the documentary and during the Q & A they said it was very emotional for them to see all the footage of Elena in the U.S. as well as all the memories of the people and places that are in the film.  The posed for a photo with Melody after the screening and gave her a big hug when they left.

Thanks to the AUBG Documentary Club and the JMC department for the invitation and the hospitality.  It was wonderful to share the film with the AUBG community!


Melody with the AUBG Documentary Club students

Thanks for a great time, Bulgaria!  Looking forward to the next visit…whenever that may be.

Yours in Docs,


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Update: Here’s another article from an AUBG student about the AUBG screening (in English) here:

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